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Maico Tie Down
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Keep your German iron stylish and secure as you move down the road!
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Swivelling, spring-loaded Snaplink bottom hook is ultra-secure,
    and keeps the strap straight and untwisted.
  • Built-in soft-ties.
  • Wide, 1.5 inch high-tension nylon webbing: 2400 lb. breaking / 800 lb. working load.
  • Industrial-strength cam buckle for excellent grip.
  • Integrated hand loop for easy adjustment, which also feature double-sided Velcro straps to keep the loose ends smooth and secure.
  • Double security stitching.
  • Made in America by people who receive decent pay and benefits!

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MAICO TIE DOWNS 38.95 / pair Purchase Bike Stand

The official SoCal Maico Wall Clock
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Official SoCal Maico 10 inch shop/garage clock.
Quartz movement.
Runs on a single AA battery (included).

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SCMCLOCK 24.95 Purchase Bike Stand

Bike Stands
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Heavy duty vintage motorcycle stand.
The center is open to clear a down pipe.
The stand measures 12 inches tall.
The top is angled to sit flush on the frame when in use.

It is plated to resist corrosion or rust.
The handle folds flat for easy transport or storage.

It will lift the front or rear of your Maico or most other vintage motorcycles
approximately 4 inches off the ground.

It is very sturdy and the handle is long enough to make lifting your bike easy.

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SCMMS12 99.95 Purchase Bike Stand

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