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Part No. Fits Cost Add to Cart
348 Air boot to air box all years 4.95 Purchase Guide Plate
683 Bing carb both sides 3.95 Purchase Guide Plate
683M Mukini carb end bell & 74 back fork boots 3.95 Purchase Guide Plate
683-12M Mukini carb using radiator hose 4.95 Purchase Guide Plate

Chain Guide Parts
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Guide Plate Plastic Liner Chain Guide Roller
Guide Plate Swing Arm
P/N 1932
Plastic Liner Chain Guide
P/N 1935
Chain Guide Roller
P/N 1937

Part No. Fits Price Add to Cart
1932 78-81 6.40 Purchase Guide Plate
1935 78-81 7.80 Purchase Plastic Liner Chain Guide
1937 78-81 9.50 Purchase Chain Guide Roller

Stainless Foot Peg Pivot Bolt
Fits 75-78

P/N 3569S 17.95 Each Purchase Stainless Foot Peg Pivot Bolt

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